Kidmin Training To Go – Gospel Magic Master Class

Do you want to start using illusions in your ministry but need a starting point? THIS IS IT!

Join Jamie for his first Master Class on Gospel Magic: GETTING INTO GOSPEL MAGIC.

Each session contains video footage and pdf's related to the content for your reference.


We are happy to announce that Jamie Doyle has kindly provided our Kidmin Training To Go his Master Class on Gospel Magic! Although Jamie's website normally charges $15 for this course, he is offering it to Kidmin Training to Go! participants for free.Yes, Jamie is giving us a %100 discount

To proceed, you must click the button on our wnmdtraining website. To get the full 100% off, you must additionally apply the coupon code AGKM at the time of checkout.

Since I'm unsure how long Jamie will honor this discount, I advise you to take advantage of the opportunity as soon as possible.

The available topics are listed below:



In this course, you will start with a concise yet complete introduction to WHAT Gospel Magic IS and HOW it can be used! Jamie will even show you (with some worst-case scenario parody) really poor examples of Gospel Magic. But then, just as quickly, you will see a few basic routines using standard props where Jamie will show you how a Gospel Magic Trick can be turned into an Illustrated Sermon that can be used in a children's church service, an evangelistic presentation, a kids camp, or other church-related venues and events.



In this session, you will get to see performances of three of Jamie's signature routines. Then, you will have the advantage of Jamie explaining each routine in detail. The routines use materials that you already have at home or church or can be easily obtained.

Routines covered:

  • Jamie's Simplistic Torn and Restored Bible Paper - Tear up a full-letter-size paper sign that represents the Bible. After crumpling the torn pieces together, you are able to UN-crumple the paper to show it as if it's completely restored. Additional ideas are given for other things that could be torn and restored.
  • 5 Envelope Force - An easy and adaptable routine to get a spectator to fairly select the final outcome you have predetermined. This can be used to get a spectator to choose a word, picture, object, or whatever can be printed, drawn, or written onto a piece of paper.
  • Salvation String Theory - this is based on an old trick most magicians have forgotten about. You show a length of thick string. Cut it and restore it at any point you choose—you can even restore it in the closed hand of a spectator! This is a great routine to use to talk about healing, restoration, wholeness, or unity.


In this session, you will get to see performances of four more of Jamie's signature routines. Then, you will have the advantage of Jamie explaining each routine in detail. The routines use materials that you already have at home or church... or can be easily obtained.

Routines covered:

  • Explain an Illusion - Jamie shows you how he has opened many of his programs where he will use Gospel Magic. Often times, you have to help the audience understand that you are only using optical illusions with real explanations.  After using a standard bandana to show how an illusion works, you make a large coin appear from the middle of the bandana. The bandana and coin can be handed out for examination afterwards if you wish.
  • He Took my Place Folders  - Using simple school folder signs that represent Jesus, and People seem to change places from a folder labeled "REWARD" and a folder labeled "PUNISHMENT" Jesus ends up in the "PUNISHMENT" folder so that people could receive the "REWARD" of eternal life. ANOTHER adaptable routine as Jamie will suggest what else could be in the folder -AND- how else the folders could be labeled.
  • Trapped But Set Free - The classic coin-through handkerchief using a jumbo or large chocolate coin A coin is plainly placed in the center of a large handkerchief and impossibly trapped inside. After some discussion, the coin is pushed through the center of the handkerchief - and yet, when the handkerchief is examined, there are no holes anywhere to be found.
  • The Topic Is… - Imagine allowing a spectator to have complete control over their decision only to find that you already knew the choice they would make. The spectator is given a stack of flashcards that have printed a different topic that could be taught for that day. They shuffle and deal down cards to the table until they want to stop. The card they stop at is shown to match the topic you chose earlier that day. Again - completely adaptable... HOWEVER, Jamie gives you all the graphics to print your own set.